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In many books on history, it is written that it took 250 years for printing processes to enter Ottoman Empire. Realistically this is not the correct number and it is disputed by facts from many historians claiming that there were presses in the hands of Christian minorities throughout the empire. However it is undisputed that printing did indeed face challanges in establishing itself in the empire. One of the main reasons for this is the perception of printing and book making as a form of art.

 The reason we are mentioning these here is because binding and various ancient binding processes were one of the most important aspecs of this artisanry. Bindery was made by Turkish craftsmen called "mucellit," or master bookmakers and using the finest leathers with natural binding materials and a special ironing process to provide some of the highest forms of art in both continents.

 A couple of hundred years later this view on artisanry in printed material has lend itself to precision, efficiency and long lasting quality. At Savas Printing we make sure to attempt to compensate what is lost in artisanry with our dedication to quality.

All binding processes are done within our facilities in accordance with your timing and price requirements. 

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