• PDF files are always preferred over other types of files
  • Paper Sizes:
    •  Please specify your sizes as FOLDED or OPEN sizes, ie. FOLDED A4 Book.
    •  Turkey follows common DIN 476 / ISO 216 sizes:
      •  A3: 29.7cm Width × 42cm Height
      •  A4: 21cm Width x 29.7cm Height
      • A5: 148cm Width × 210 Height
  • In your specs please make sure you specify the number of pages as multiples of 4. Ideally as cover seperately ie. Total pages: 36+Cover
  • Regarding file preperation. If you are ordering a BOOKLET / MAGAZINE / BROCHURE that has heavier (different paper) COVER than inside pages, if possible send us 2 files seperate as COVER and INSIDE Pages.
      • ie: First Document of Job01 - The Outside Cover & The Inside of Cover

        First Page: [BACK_COVER][SPINE][FRONT_COVER]


         Second Document of Job01 - The Inside Pages

        1st Inside Page
        2nd Inside Page
        Last Inside Page

  • Down-sampled to 300dpi with ‘auto compression’ set on high. Bitmapped (monochrome: i.e. line art) images should be set at 600dpi. Font embedding should be set to ‘embed all fonts’
  • If possible please name your files with the QUANTITY you would like printed and other information ie. BOOKLET_COVER_2000units.PDF
  • Consider your BINDING options:

Spiral: A cheaper Binding option ideal for presentations and such


Saddle Stitch: Like many booklets and magazines.  The pages are stapled through the Spine.

Perfect Bound: Pages are collected together and glued.

PUR Binding: Pages are collected together, similar to Perfect Bound but a more durable glue is used.

  • Paper Stock: Paper options in Turkey might be more limited than in other developed countries however we still have options enough to cover your needs:
    • Coated Paper & Card Stock
      • Matte coated Paper (preferable for text) – Glossy coated Paper (preferable for cover & heavy image artwork)
      • Common Weights: 80 gr. | 90 gr. | 115 gr. | 135 gr. | 170 gr. | 200 gr. | 250 gr. | 300 gr. | 350 gr
    • Uncoated Paper1st Grade Paper – Notebook paper
      • Common Weights: 55 gr. | 60 gr. | 70 gr. | 75 gr. | 80 gr. | 90 gr. | 100 gr. | 110 gr. | 120 gr. | 160 gsm. |
  • Consider your Post Print Finishing Options:

Photo: Glossy Lamination vs. Matte lamination 

 Matte Lamination: Great to protect your brochure/magazine covers and make them more durable.

 Glossy Lamination: Similar to Matte Lamination preferable for a shinier look.

 SPOT UV: Applied on large text’s and logos on promotional materials to bring them to life.

Photo: Spot UV


  • Have you checked your Bleed, Trim, Safety Marks for your artwork?



  • Please note clearly the PANTONE colors you might need in your job. Preferable on Filenames.
  • Please read our PRICE QUOTE clearly it serves as an agreement on the product we agree to deliver.
  • We accept DROPBOX for file delivery, just share your files with This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Please make sure all IMAGES & PHOTOS embedded in your file are of the correct resolution ie 300dpi or higher.



  •  We deliver usually on the evenings to locations all around İstanbul.
  •  Our delivery is Free in İstanbul. Please specify location / hotel name as well as an urgent phone number / Whatsapp Contact and Exhibition booth number, hotel reservation name or hotel room number if possible.