About Us

As a printing company with wide range of services we provide color prints in a variety of industries. Digital printing and offset printing. Design, scanning, pre-press and binding works are completed in house and are especially geared towards the banking and insurance industries.

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Our facilities in Istanbul are located near Ataturk Airport and E-5 Highway which provide the main transportation route to Istanbul from abroad. 

As a forward-thinking company Savas Printing understands that its most precious assets are its employees. We provide the highest standard working environment for our employees, weather it be our well lit press floor, or our precious garden which boasts an enviable lunch break comfort in Istanbul, complete with in-house cooked. We take pride in providing a work place comfort, well deserved by our employees with which we grew. 

If there is only one competitive edge that differentiates Savas Printing from it's competitors, it’s the men and women who work here. They are the critical ingredient that allows this company to operate at its highest level.


Company History

about us

Savas Printing was established in 1976 as a printing company serving insurance and banking industries.


 Over the years, our services expanded to serve diverse range of needs from magazine publishing to product packaging. We have continuously expanded our facilities in Istanbul by moving to Topkapi Trade Center in 1985, and presently located in Cobancesme, Istanbul since 1994.


Our excellent quality control, customer service, competitive pricing, flexible schedule, and advocacy for our clients has resulted in a loyal customer base which has continued to grow steadily for the past 31 years.










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